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2 years ago

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I work at an investment bank in the city. I'm in a pretty fair skin, blue eyes and blonde politely. Married with a beautiful Italian woman, Scandinavian men (my luck! ) Love. But they have always attracted the attention of men, and from time to time in them. I've never been on the receiving end of two experiences in one day. I drove to work on the center line in rush hour streamsex Monday morning, flattened against the glass, unable to move. My personal space is not available. Someone had taken note of one hand against my groin. The movement of the train meant that it was his hand against my throbbing penis at regular intervals. Well, I thought, is not unpleasant, and the poor at the other end of the hand is probably aware of how dangerously close to my manhood. The minutes pass, and the repeated blows regularly and this change makes me swell. When I realize, so that the hand does not call me, but begins to caress. My God, the nErve. But I still enjoy the attention. Remove your hand around my swollen member and begins to masterbate me through my pants. Obviously, risk taking is not satisfied, I unsips, sliding his right hand in his pants, cheeky squeezed my balls, then place the tip of streamsex my penis with the thumb and massage my precum large around swollen head of my cock. I am so short of breath while I changed. But damn, is my station, so that Squee is out of the tube, gift wrap my coat around me to hide my erection and my embarressment parts. He lost the ball in the tube as humiliating, but streamsex exciting. I can not imagine in my head. The only thing to relieve a bit of finding. The remote station in the city of Thameslink has a toilet frequented by anonymous men want a thrill. I went to my coffee break, and stopped at one of the urinals. It has always been a dirty fantasy of mine to be occupied by a middle-aged man, just come in such a Felloand w take the next urinal but one. He is not here to pee, and still am streamsex I. He looks at me and see my 7 " thick penis is fully erect. She smiles weakly and has a twinkle in his eyes. Oh, well, I think standing, who will assume the direction of. He's back and showed me his penis. is smaller than mine, and thinner, but so strong that it seems skin. than it does to streamsex me. grabbed my cock and stroked him a few times, then push your thumb firmly on the ground makes it even more difficult. then someone comes into play middle-aged man holding scandalous that love me. makes the newcomer to move one of the cabins, but I can streamsex see it Copping a look at the action of the door that is open. so I go for a better eye, and my husband streamsex began to masturbate more difficult for me. with the other hand, pushing my boxer shorts exposing my ass. the new guy starts streamsex breathing heavier and moves us to join him. walked through the cabin. beganERS sliping hole in my finger and squeezed my balls. My middle-aged guy I have been to the point of ejaculation, which I masturbated more expensive pants. The other man sucks the remaining milk. Then I pull the pants and let them together. A great day !
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